It was two years.. I can’t say it was long because time goes fast. Overall experience was great beaches my braces were invisible.
I was lucky to have Dr. Rasha AlMubarak as my treating orthodontist, it’s very important to pick a professional doctor.
I’m very happy for my final results and its worth all the time and efferent I invested in, great thanks to Dr. Rasha.

Alexandra Mezina

It has been a bit of a journey from seeing my son in the first couple of weeks with braces to the excitement of waiting to see the final results in the last few weeks of the treatment.
I’m very pleased to see his commitment until the end and I’m extremely happy with end result and his new smile. Thanks to Dr. Rasha.

John, Francis Dad

Al Khamis Family

I’m first it was difficult for me to take this decision to let my son have braces.

I’m happy to pick Dr. Rasha as his treating orthodontist. Dr. Rasha is so reliable.

Dr. Rasha stresses the importance for brushing and clearing teeth during treatment.
Seeing the final results makes me very happy. Thank you Dr. Rasha.

Claire, Ricks Mom

I had my braces with Dr. Rasha for two years, I was extremely happy to have them off. My teeth felt really smooth. I love the end result. I’m a lot happier with my teeth and profile.
Dr. Rasha is very friendly and made the whole experience enjoyable.

Aliesra Dobie

Maria Al Manaa

Samia Al-Khodairy

Tala Alexander

Noora Tomsu

Thank you very much for photos, amazing!!!...Great results I have…

And thank you for your e-mail most and that beautiful words… you are wonderful! I am happy I met you, am in the right hands. And you are just great.


Dear Rasha,

Thank you. The progress is really great! I honestly didn't think I would see anything for 6 months.


A lot for a great smile

Dana Maynard

Dear Doctor Rasha,

You are a kind doctor and I like the way you treat me, so in return I got these treats for you and........